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Ed Reep
an california scene painter
Ed Reep

Born: Brooklyn, NY
Studied: Art Center School, Los Angeles, California

Member: American Watercolor Society
California Water Color Society
Ed Reep Biography

Ed Reep grew up in Southern California. He became interested in watercolor painting while studying with Stanley Reckless and received further instruction from Barse Miller. During World War II, Reep became a combat artist for the United States Army and was sent to Italy. With the war going on all around him, Reep managed to paint depictions of what was happening. These watercolor and gouache works became property of the War Department at the Pentagon. Additional war-time works produced after 1945 are in various museums including the National Museum of American Art in Washington D.C.

As a result of his outstanding contributions to war art, Ed Reep was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to help finance his pursuit of art. From 1947 to 1950, Ed Reep painted, exhibited and taught art at the Art Center School. In the 1950s, he worked with one of his former teachers, Emit Bisttram, at the Bisttram School of Art. Reep also began a nineteen year job as an art instructor for the Chouinard Art Institute during this era.
Although he has never restricted himself to any one medium, Reep has often painted in watercolors throughout his career. His works from the late 1930s are classic California Regionalism. By the 1950s, Ed Reep was working in the more modern abstract style for which he received several important awards and some national exposure. Since that time, he has continued to develop his personal style of art. Ed was hired as chairman of the art department and honored as Artist in Residence at East Carolina University and has authored two books. The Content of Watercolor by Ed Reep AND A Combat Artist in World War II by Ed Reep.

Ed Reep Biographical information: Interview with Ed Reep, 1983

Ed Reep biography provided courtesy of “California Watercolors 1850-1970” by Gordon T. McClelland and Jay T. Last. Book available at
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